The Worrying Growth of the Justifiable Psychopaths


Is there any justification for killing innocent children?

This question, for most, is usually only asked rhetorically. Unfortunately though, to many, this has now become a very palpable question, to which the answer is actually yes.

Maybe in a rational sense, or even just to be polite, these people will answer “no, of course there is no justification for killing innocent children”. Yet, even if it is not said, there is a very real “but…” that a scary amount of people subconsciously add at the end of this sentence.

These people are the likes of columnist Richard Littlejohn, everyone working for Fox News, millions on twitter, most of Israel and many more brainwashed or slightly evil justifiers.

After a news report comes out that another school, hospital, or beach in Gaza has been bombed by Israel that has again killed young children, these people tell us that the vicinity must have been harbouring weapons or terrorists or both. This is the rationale that tries to justify Israel firing weapons that they know will certainly kill children.

There are a few reasons that this kind of behaviour makes these people psychopaths. The definition of psychopath is “A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behaviour without empathy or remorse”.

Amoral Behaviour

Firstly, these people will only refer to Hamas as a terrorist organisation. Never mind the fact Hamas were voted into power democratically. Hamas represent a people that live in pure oppression. There are restrictions on food and water, lack of power supplies and blockades all over Hamas territory, not to mention illegal Israeli occupation in much of their land. Statistics show 80% of the people in Gaza survive on humanitarian aid. This is a third world country with a first world country. 

The loaded term terrorist is used regularly by the justifiable psychopaths in reference to Hamas. Let’s remember though, that when he was also fighting (and killing) for an oppressed people, Nelson Mandela was also labelled a terrorist. Those people that only refer to Hamas as a terrorist organisation are simply taking a side as to who is bad and who is good in this conflict. This does not justify the amoral behaviour of killing children.

Lack of Empathy

Secondly, to illustrate the point that Hamas are actually terrorists and to blame for children being killed by Israeli weapons, these people will say that rockets are being stored in schools, hospitals and other areas where civilians are located. It is claimed Hamas revel in the tragic deaths of civilians and children as it is a victory in their propaganda war against Israel.

By saying Hamas are doing this as a propaganda war is literally dehumanising them. It is more than likely that the members of Hamas have lost friends, family, probably even children, due to the attacks from Israel. Do people really think they do not feel? Will they not be hurt by seeing the suffering and pain? The tears and grief we see of Palestinian families are very real. Only people seriously lacking empathy can think members of Hamas are glad to see innocent civilians and children dying.

The accusation of “human shields” being used by Hamas is both callous and unreasonable. Reporters from the likes of BBC News, the Guardian, the Independent and various humanitarian organisations claim they have not seen any evidence of Hamas even encouraging people to stay within targeted areas, let alone using their countrymen as “human shields”.

Also, at this point, especially considering the last 10 years of conflict, Hamas must be completely aware that Israel are not afraid to fire through any kind of “human shield”, thus offering no protection to them in any way. The very reasoning used to assume that Hamas use “human shields” is therefore flawed, as Israel will comfortably kill anyone – women, children, the disabled, the elderly, journalists – to get to Hamas. 

The ridiculous “human shield” debate is actually distracting from the point that even if it is true that Hamas are hiding behind children for protection, Israel are still killing the children! They still do not hesitate to blow the poor little kids to pieces. So if it makes Hamas bad to use “human shields”, it still means Israel is worse for shooting through them. This is something many of the new justifiable psychopaths do not acknowledge when they use the “human shield” argument.

It takes real low-life, heartless scum to knowingly hurt children, especially in masses. Even in the movies or on TV, you only ever the completely deranged and evil villains attempt to harm kids. Israel is becoming the real life super-villain of modern times.

Overly Aggressive Self-Defence

If I am attacked, I am allowed to defend myself. No doubt about that. However, it would be wise to take into consideration my own strength, in comparison to the person attacking me.

If a crazy feeble old lady attacks me, is it right for me to not just subdue her but to actually give her a few solid punches to the jaw to let her know she was wrong to do that? Again, this should be a rhetorical question, yet when placed in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict, it is not.

Palestine has no army, no navy, no tanks, no jets, no high-tech weaponry and no defence system against rockets and missiles. Israel has all of the above and also a lot more. Israel subdued the crazy feeble old lady, punched her, and is now stamping on her face in timberland boots.

The question asked by the justifiable psychopaths is, “what would you do if someone was constantly firing rockets at you?” It seems like a fair response must be to slaughter over 200 children, and over 800 more people, over 50% of whom had no part in the rockets being fired.

Two things should be recognised here. (1) The Israeli centre for Human Rights shows that since the year 2000 during this conflict EIGHT TIMES MORE Palestinians have been killed than Israelis, FOUR TIMES MORE Palestinian civilians and over 10 TIMES MORE Palestinian children have been killed. (2) The reason Palestinians are angry to begin with is because after WW2 their land was given away because of something that had nothing to do with the nation, and ever since they have been continually suffering for it.

The situation that Palestine is in is not easy, so outbursts should be expected. But what is intolerable is the unaccountable level of aggression Israel has and still is using to handle the situation. They want the crazy feeble old lady to be permanently handicapped for attacking them. 

The incident involving the three Israeli teenagers being killed is what triggered the current bombardment of Palestine, but there is NO conclusive evidence to suggest Hamas are to blame for the killings. In fact, people speaking in Hebrew can be heard on the recording of a call one of the teens made to the police demanding the boys get down. Make of this what you will.

Again I reiterate, even if Hamas are firing rockets and killing teenagers, does it make it alright for an army to slaughter near 200 children? Whichever angle you at look at this from, unless you are a psychopath you should be able to see Israel is more in the wrong than Hamas.

Brainwashed and Dangerous

The justifiable psychopaths are way beyond redemption. They are out there now threatening the likes of Zayn Malik over the internet, reading the news to millions and as seen, singing songs about the deaths of children in Israel.

This can only be as a result of brainwashing, because as mentioned previously, in a more rational sense these people will surely not condone killing children. But when it comes to the Israel-Palestine dispute words such as “terrorist” and “self-defence” are used to proclaim Israel is doing what it must, or what needs to be done. Some Americans are even rebuking their president for not helping Israel in this battle!

Whether these people are really aware of the history or of the land or the latest revelation that the land of Gaza holds a lot of natural gas does not matter right now. What does matter is that these psychopaths are out there in millions. It is like Dawn of the Brain-Dead. Just make sure they don’t get into you and let your ethics and morals be washed away by a very twisted rhetoric.

How to talk to a Justifiable Psychopath

These people need to be made to question their own principles. With people this ignorant only a vicious dose of sarcasm can help. See adequate responses below.

PSYCHOPATH: Why do you support Hamas? Do you know they are terrorists?

ANSWER: Because I do not want innocent people and children killed by an army I support Hamas? OK, I guess I support these democratically elected terrorists that have killed less people in the last five years then the US have in the last one. They are terrorising Israel by being slaughtered daily. You know a lot about Hamas.

PSYCHOPATH: What would you do if your neighbours were shooting rockets at you? Would you not defend yourself?

ANSWER: I would defend myself by immediately killing them, their children, their pets, and then move into their house. I would never try to ask them why they are angry to resolve things amicably. That is for cowards.

PSYCHOPATH: Hamas are bringing this on themselves by using “human shields” and launching rockets from civilian areas.

ANSWER: Yes, Hamas hold up children expecting their little bodies to deflect a missile. They also know that Israel would never knowingly kill children so they hide in schools. The clever devils. No wonder they are winning this war. And that is what it is, a war. Not a genocide.

Let me know how your next meeting with a justifiable psychopath goes.




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