10 Sayings to Blag Your Way Through the Mayweather-Pacquaio Fight


Watching the fight this weekend? Of course you are. Why wouldn’t you?

Not a boxing fan? Psh. Like that matters. This a fight that the world will stop for. This is Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquaio.

Akin to the World Cup, the Super Bowl or an Olympic 100metre final, this fight will see hundreds of millions people tune in to watch the undefeated American take on the proven Filipino warrior.

Tickets only came out 10 days before the fight and they sold out in 60 seconds. Floor seats have been touted at six figures plus. The bright lights of Las Vegas, a list of celebrities that reads like a cross between the Oscars and the MTV Awards, discussed on every news channel on every continent – this is an international event not to miss.

So don’t miss it. Join in the chat and enjoy the excitement with these lines that will help you B.S your way through the occasion looking like you’ve been waiting for this fight your whole life.

 1) “It should have happened years ago”

Mention Pacquaio refusing to do blood tests before the fight as a cause of it not happening until now, but add that Mayweather could have chosen to fight him at any time if he really wanted to. To appear really smart, say 2011 was the perfect time for it.

 2) “Mayweather is a defensive master but Pacquaio is an offensive genius”

It sounds simple, yet it is the truth. It is this which makes this contest such a great match up. Mayweather’s signature defensive move (more like a stance) is his shoulder-roll, while the best way to describe Pacquaio’s attack is as waspish.

3) “Mayweather beat Marquez and Marquez knocked out Pacquaio…”

Juan Manuel Marquez

Juan Manuel Marquez

It’s the type of sentence that you don’t even need to finish. It may make you re-evaluate staying up until 5am to watch the fight but you can’t ignore that Mayweather easily beat a guy that knocked out Pacquaio just four fights ago. That guy is Juan Manuel Marquez.

4) “Pacquaio is a southpaw”

You have to add, “that makes him tricky”, or else it will sound like a random statement. Southpaw means that Pacquaio, as a left-handed fighter, fights with his right foot forward. This is opposed to the orthodox stance (left-foot forward).

 5) “Al Haymon made this happen”

Al Haymon

Al Haymon

This will make it sound like you have inside knowledge of the boxing industry. Al Haymon is the mysterious and elusive advisor to Floyd Mayweather that has an almost mythical amount of power in the world of boxing.

 6) “I can’t wait to see who Mayweather walks out with”

Always a highlight of Floyd Mayweather fights, if he isn’t coming out with the likes of Justin Bieber or 50 Cent, he is dressing up in a Mexican sombrero. Expect anything, from Kanye West to Karate Kid.

 7) “There have been bigger fights than this”

The Four Kings - Marvin Hagler, Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns, Ray Leonard

The Four Kings – Marvin Hagler, Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns, Ray Leonard

Somewhat controversial, yet a fair thing to say. Mumble something about Muhammad Ali’s fight of the century or the fights between boxing’s four kings in the 80s to back up this statement.

8)  “Let’s hope the judges give a fair result”

This is something that can be used when discussing any fight, Miss World contest or X-Factor event, such is the corrupt nature of judging in the modern world.

9) “A knockout is unlikely”

Say this to anyone confidently predicting a knockout. It is a reasonable opinion that you can base on the fact 38 year old Mayweather last won via KO in 2011, whilst 36 year old Paccquaio hasn’t knocked anyone out since 2009.

10)    “Mayweather is not the best ever”

Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson

The best time to use this is post the likely result of Mayweather winning via points decision after 12 rounds but it can even be used if Mayweather wins with a first round knockout within 30 seconds. He still will not have done anything as impressive as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and most certainly Sugar Ray Robinson.

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