5 Reasons to Not Vote for the Conservatives

CAMeron cunt

*NOTE – This is not a pro-Labour post*

Clearly, this is just an opinion piece. My opinion – on the Tories. But if you think about it, that’s all an election is. People vote for someone, who in their opinion, they think can run the country.

Doesn’t that seem crazy? I mean we are talking opinions here. You only have to take think about your old tastes – in clothes, music, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends – to see that sometimes you can have a damn stupid opinion. Sometimes, you can think something is good, when it is actually pretty shit.

That’s why it is better to base decisions like who to vote for on facts. So although it is my opinion that no one should vote for the Tories, I will base it on facts. However, let me explain why I am of this opinion.

As an 80s baby, I was born in the era of Margaret Thatcher. Having come through that era, I have learned from those that were directly impacted by her reign of terror that Thatcher saw in a dangerous new era of Conservatism. There was the deregulation of banks, making us think unions are a bad thing, privatising public institutions and so much more that began the transformation of the Conservatives into the capitalist extremists that now run our country.

If anything makes me believe that some reptilian-like, elitist, sadistic group of people run the world, it is the Tory government. From the paedophile scandals that engulf the Tories more than any other party, to the very disconcerting links many Tories have that cause conflicts of interest in issues such as the privatisation of the NHS, fracking and more; look beneath the nice suits, pampered skin and stern words and the Tories look like the evil bloodsuckers they are.

Let me state though, this is not to say Labour, or in fact any other party are good, and that voting for them will bring about the changes we need. Labour are only a few taxes away from the Tories anyhow. Tony Blair – war-mongering American-panderer – is the most despicable leader the UK has seen alongside Margaret Thatcher. The Lib Dems are just a timid, flaccid, empty-shell of a party that can be blown into any direction they are pushed towards by the real powers that be. And the rest? Not really worthy of a mention.

Yet, as bad as the rest are, the Tories are by far the absolute worst. And here are five reasons why.

  • 1) Only One Thing Makes Anyone Vote Tory

Let’s be honest. There is literally only one reason anyone decides to vote Conservative. Stability in leadership? Good for businesses? Drive the economy? Nothing but bywords for “don’t mess with my income tax”.

Fair enough, right? Nothing wrong with that. Everyone deserves the chance to earn as much as they can. However, the people that have taken on the responsibility of running this nation cannot allow that to turn into greed on a corporate scale, and that is exactly what has happened.

Care of duty states that the government should try to equal out the quality of living. Yet the Tory government is planning to make £12 billion worth of cuts from the welfare budget. This is during a time when already approximately one million people use food-banks, over a quarter of a million children live in poverty and dozens of deaths have been directly linked to benefits cuts.

And if it wasn’t hard enough for those disadvantaged, it is not like getting a good education and job is any easier now either, with tuition fees and uni costs seeing students leave with an average debt of £30,000 nowadays.

So essentially, those that vote Tory are essentially saying they care more about their own income, than the current state of the country’s hungry, the children of this country and the most vulnerable in the country. And unless you are blinded by David Cameron worship, you can see that all that is not just a moral issue, it is something that will have a damning effect on the future of nation.

  • 2) Public Service Cuts

For those not quite empathetic enough to be moved against voting for the Conservatives based on the plight of their fellow countrymen, the cold hard facts of how the living standards are dropping should make you think twice about it.

The NHS has had to make £20billion worth of cuts since the coalition government came in. And we wonder why the NHS is struggling? Fire Stations all over the country have been closed and the current government is raising the age that Firemen can apply for pension. Libraries, Police Stations, youth groups and adult education classes have all been cut, all over the country.

And if you are a Tory voter, don’t be fooled that a higher income will help your standard of living, not if the country around you is getting less health care, less protection and less education. If the NHS starts to cost a pretty penny, private healthcare will look to make an arm and a leg if you need them to treat your arm and leg. Okay, the Tories have said £8 billion a year is to be spent on the NHS by 2020. Until then? According to Dr Louise Irvine of the National Health Party, it will be £8 billion over the course of the next five years.

And once again, £12 billion in cuts is yet to come.  Vote Tory, if you want public services to get a lot shitter.

  • 3) Syria and the Tories

War ravaged nation Syria has over three million refugees. Of these, less than 3000 have been allowed into Britain. Last year, just 143 were allowed into the UK. Stats say the same number of Brits leave the UK to live elsewhere every 12 hours.

Amnesty International have come out and stated that Britain is not doing enough to help the plight of the Syrian people. Unless you are from the school of Katie Hopkins, surely it is clear the UK can do more to support those most in need. But the Tory government aren’t doing this. That is not what they are about. They have sent money to Syria to help though. How exactly? Your guess is as good as mine.

Also, it cannot be forgotten that in 2013 David Cameron, led by William Hague, was going to bomb Syria to help the rebels defeat Syria’s leader, Bashar al-Asad. These rebels have turned out to be ISIS. To reiterate, just two years ago, this government were close to supporting ISIS in war. Only opposition from the likes of Labour and Vladimir Putin stopped Hague from pushing through with the bombing campaign.

This Tory government are one of the worst at helping refugees (Amnesty International’s words, not mine) but are so trigger happy they nearly made ISIS their allies.

  • 4) Boris Johnson

“Boris!?” I hear you cry, “Not Bo-Jo! What’s wrong with him!? I like Boris!”.

And that is why he is so dangerous. As nice and funny as the big-haired blusterer is, he proves even the most affable of the Tories is still a lying, deceitful Tory.

During his campaign to become Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone said Southall had “an unacceptably high population density” in 2002. Since than, the West London town just minutes from Heathrow airport has seen a flood of immigrants (including many illegal) settle there, undoubtedly increasing the population.

So when a plan was put forward to put 3000 more homes in the town, the local council sensibly vetoed it. Yet, Boris Johnson overruled them and forced it through. These homes will be owned by private property developers that will most certainly charge typically extortionate London prices for their sale or rent. This is just one example of Boris at his Eton worst.

When the lovable Tory mascot came into power as Mayor of London he stated tube ticket offices would not be shut. He backtracked on this. He said he would not spend money on things such as water-cannons, yet he did and lied about why he did it. He lied blatantly about tram extensions in Crystal Palace. This piece could be 100 lies Boris Johnson has made as London Mayor. Not only does the buffoon lack empathy, he lacks honesty too.

If you vote Tory, you are either being fooled by the likes of Boris Johnson, or you choose to support a callous liar.

  • 5) Driving Children into Poverty

The Commission on Social Mobility and Child Poverty have estimated that at the current rate, 3.5 million children will be living in poverty come 2020.

A combination of over three million hungry children and near seven million desperate parents paints a picture of a bleek future in Britain. That future is manifesting itself right now.

Over six million working families (families with at least one adult in employment) in the UK are living below the poverty line. Up to £11 billion in benefits could be saved if businesses were to pay the living wages. The median income has already fallen since the coalition government came into government. The difference between implanting something like a bedroom tax in comparison to the mansion tax is what can really affect the future of millions of children in the UK.

Yes, some of the blame for what is causing these issues can be passed back to the Labour government of yesteryear. However, it is hard to see how the planned Tory cuts will help this situation. In fact, it is impossible to see how Tory cuts will help this situation, because it won’t.

In conclusion, the Tories can only win your vote by appealing to your selfish side. Don’t be selfish, don’t vote Tory.

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One Response to 5 Reasons to Not Vote for the Conservatives

  1. Very passionately written! I don’t usually read many political blogs, but I liked the layout and your easy-to-understand language, which is crucial given that many ‘switch off’ due to politics either being boring or full of jargon that people don’t understand. Heck, I’ve got a degree in English Lit and sometimes I struggle to understand what they mean!

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